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The Cincinnati Astronomical Society partners with several organizations here in the Cincinnati area as well as across the region and nation. Believe it or not some of us even travel around the world to view interesting celestial events such as Solar and Lunar Eclipses, interesting meteor showers as well as other rare celestial phenomena.

Some of our partners include:

The Drake Planetarium

Occasionally our organization will partner with the Drake Planetarium to do stargazes and star parties. These events usually occur when there are enough members and equipment for everyone involved. Other events also occur so please check the calender of events for the next event with the Drake Planetarium. You can do so by clicking here.

The Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and University of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Astronomical Society will also partner with area colleges and universities such as the Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and the University of Cincinnati. We will partner with these colleges and universities to perform a variety of functions such as education, meeting spaces, science labs (as in the case of College Astronomy classes) and star parties on occasion. You can check on the status of any upcoming events by clicking here.

The Cincinnati Observatory Center

Currently there are quite a few members of CAS that are also members and friends of The Cincinnati Observatory. We partner occasionally with the observatory to offer public outreach activities such as stargaze parties when the weather permits. In addition we try to coordinate activities and education on yearly events such as Astronomy Day. These events usually occur between mid-April and mid-May to coincide with the first quarter Moon. You can check on the staus of any upcoming events by clicking here.

Great Parks of Hamilton County

The Cincinnati Astronomical Society is proud to be partnering with the Great Parks of Hamilton County to bring you the best in astronomy and space science programming.

The mission of Hamilton County Parks is to preserve and protect natural resources and to provide outdoor recreation and education in order to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations. Visit their calendar page for a list of all upcoming Great Parks events.

Be sure to visit our calendar page for a complete listing of programs and stargazes at the CAS Observatories, Hamilton County Parks, and other locations throughout the region.

Apollo Observatory located at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, OH

CAS will occasionally partner with the Apollo Observatory. The observatory is also used and maintained by another amatuer astronomical society by the name of The Miami Valley Astronomical Society (or MVAS for short). You can visit them on the web here. You can check on the staus of any upcoming events with MVAS by clicking here.


Occasionally CAS will partner with Kid friendly programs (through NASA) that will enable youngsters to appreciate and learn about our nighttime sky. These programs include the NASA Kids Club program that you can visit here. There are also other programs available for older children as well and they can be found here.

Goethe Link Observatory

CAS will also partner with the Goethe Link Observatory (which partners with the Indiana University). This facility is located approximately two and half hours away (on the southwest side of Indianapolis). Usually members from CAS only go there once to twice a year. Most of the members that attend are in a small group and weather must play in our favor. To check the next time an event occurs with the Link Observatory go here.