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These four, permanently-mounted telescopes may be used by CAS members who have completed mandatory training. Any of these instruments will reveal the marvels of the heavens in astonishing clarity. 

8" Alvan Clark & Sons Refractor
From CAS Equipment

Objective - 8 inch achromatic
Focal length - 120 inches (3048 mm)
Focal Ratio - f/15
Built in 1880
Acquired by CAS in 1924
16" Newtonian Reflector

Primary Mirror - 16 inches
Focal Length - 88 inches (2235 mm)
Focal Ratio - f/5.5
Rotating tube and a Very Fine Dick Wessling mirror
14" John Cartlidge Newtonian Reflector
From CAS Equipment
Primary Mirror - 14 inches
(ground from a battleship porthole)
Focal Length - 77 inches (1956 mm)
Focal Ratio - f/5.5
Built from scratch by John Cartlidge over a period of twenty years
Acquired by CAS in the early 1950s
12" Meade LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain
From CAS Equipment
Primary mirror - 12 inches
Focal length - 120 inches (3048 mm)
Focal ratio - f/10
Aquired in 2000

27" Reflector

From CAS Equipment 

Primary Mirror - TBD
Focal Length - TBD
Focal Ratio - TBD
Scope located at Adams County Dark Sky Site